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Our Mission

Our goal is to build an immersive technology solution that allows everyone to understand spatial concepts and complex training tasks by experiencing them in Virtual Reality.

2d information such as drawings and technical documentation can be difficult to understand for professionals and students alike. We are building a visualisation platform that brings these data sources to life in VR. Unlike traditional artists impressions or drawings, with our solution you are completely immersed in an interactive VR experience, which can also be delivered on interactive 4k screens.

We have developed an innovative solution that solves a long standing communication problem in the construction and manufacturing industries. Using state of the art Virtual Reality headsets combined with photo-realistic 3d computer generated environments, we can put people into a training task or space and allow them to learn by doing. Show VR brings BIM and CAD data to life by creating interactive 3d models using development tools from the computer entertainment industry. This interactive 3d software package we create powers the Virtual Reality experience

The video below is captured from our visualisation technology demo. This is a fully computer generated environment running in realtime on high end GPUs. This illustrates the photorealistic lighting that can be achieved. Unlike fixed point 360 panoramas, rendering in real time allows you can walk around in the space and look anywhere you like. When you experience this by wearing a VR headset you are completely immersed in a virtual world that is so convincing you feel that you are present in the space.